We are AWI QCP Certified. View our accreditation letter here

QCP Licenses Currently Held:
P6.1 P6.2 P6.5 P6E P5 P10.1 P10.3 P10 E P11.1 P11.2 P11.3 P11.4 P11.5 P8.1 P8.3 P8 E P9.1 P9 E P9.3

At Parenti & Raffaelli, we pride ourselves in the in shop completion phase. This is where the cutting, machining, and final preassembly is accomplished with our union cabinet-makers. With the help of our CNC capabilities and skilled craftsman, we are able to execute the most complex designs while creating a sustainable and innovative product. Each piece is carefully considered and custom crafted to the highest quality, setting the standard for excellence in the woodworking community. All of our work meets or exceeds the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s highest standards. Parenti craftsmen are certified to produce the AWI’s premium grade standard of millwork.