Touch-Up, Care & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

For over twenty years, the Parenti & Raffaelli team of highly skilled technicians have been taking care of the needs of our customers through our millwork and furniture maintenance and preservation programs, both locally and nationwide. Our programs are uniquely designed to serve the needs and budgets of our customers. We can repair virtually all millwork and furniture regardless of the manufacturer. Our work can be performed after hours on an evening shift, as not to disturb normal business operations. Our services can be scheduled on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or as needed basis to keep your millwork and furniture in “move-in condition.” The services we perform and recommend to our customers as a way to help them protect their millwork and furniture investments are:

Millwork Touch-up and Hot Knifing

The repairing of scratches, marring, gouges, ect., also including “hot knifing” of the more severed gouges with a solid vinyl or acrylic. This creates a “hard fill” along with matching the background color to help hide previous damages.

Millwork Cleaning and Oiling

This is a one step process that removes all grease, oil, films, and residues. The oils add depth to the existing finish. This step in our maintenance program is unique in that it makes a clean visible difference in millwork above any repairs.

Adjustments and Repairs

This includes the adjustments of all moving parts, such as cabinet doors and drawers, as well as, full size doors and hardware. We also have the ability to match existing millwork to replace missing or damaged pieces.


Our highly skilled team is capable of restoring any project to its original state. We are capable of matching existing finishes in the field, and we have the ability to match existing millwork for a seamless transition from the old to the new.

To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, please contact:

Don Parenti
Service Manager for Parenti & Raffaelli
Office: 847.253.5550 ext. 223