Anchored by the roots of our past, the Parenti & Raffaelli tradition of woodworking combines meticulous craftsmanship with modern technology to maximize individual skills and overall production.

The inspiring craftsmanship of the Parenti & Raffaelli tradition can reach across the country, extend to any size and type of project, and execute even the most challenging of designs. We have successfully completed projects that range from residential, corporate, financial, legal, health care, and universities.

The Parenti & Raffaelli tradition began in Italy with Peter Parenti, who learned the art of cabinet-making under the watchful care of his father. Peter decided to take his skills and ambition to America where he settled in Chicago. He studied furniture design at the Art Institute of Chicago. Peter encouraged his sons, Bob and Ron, along with a skilled cabinet-maker, John Raffaelli, to start a woodworking firm. In 1951, Parenti & Raffaelli, Ltd was born.

Under Peter’s supervision, the company grew into a respected firm with Bob, Ron, and John as its leaders. Today, Peter’s grandsons, Bob, Don, Jim, and Louis, own and operate the business, and his great-grandchildren, Rob, Louis Jr., Samantha, and Peter, plan to carry on the family tradition.